Feriza's Kitchen

Alex and Feriza Isik

Feriza’s Kitchen

Feriza’s Kitchen, bar and gozleme is the culmination of brother and sister team Alex and Feriza Isik's 20 plus years creating Ottoman dishes together, inspired by the dishes they learnt to cook from their grandmothers cookbook.

The emphasis is on shared dining, and a continuation of the cuisines of Turkey, Greece and culinary tradition from across the empire's, well known for its ‘mezze’ and sharing culture.

The menu reflects the diversity from the very traditional to the contemporary, from village dishes to dishes influenced by the Ottoman kitchens of the past.

Feriza's Kitchen


Alex & Feriza

Growing up in Sivas, a small town in Eastern Turkey, the kitchen was the centre of the home. The grandchildren of farmers, their grandparents portraits and handmade blanket from their childhood can be found hung on the walls at Deco Eatery. “My grandmother is my cooking school,” says Feriza.

Alex left Turkey in 2001 to travel to New Zealand, wanting to cook his own food and establish the recipes loved by his family within Auckland's dining scene.
His sister Feriza followed years later to join him on his journey of crafting a modern day take on imperial recipes.

Feriza's Kitchen

Alex and Nigar

The site at Jellicoe Street pays tribute to their love of the Mediterranean, sharing traditions and a dedication to wholesome food. It's a symbol of gratitude, family and a passion for Ottoman dining. Everything from the shutters that flank the outside dining area, to the patterns on the tiles are a nod back to Turkish culture or an acknowledgement to a family member to ensure that family remains at the heart of Feriza's.